Jita Kyoei Judo Club



Judo is practised in this Dojo for the benfit of all participants. The safety and welbeing of everyone involved is the primary concern. All participants and supporters are required to respect, not only their health, safety and welbeing but also all other persons involved in the use of this Dojo.

The following rules must be followed at all times.

  • Always listern and follow the instructors at all times.
  • Always show respect for instructors and senior grades.
  • Always bow before entering the Dojo and remove outside shoes.
  • Ensure your body is clean, both finger and toenails are trimmed short.
  • Any Jewellery should be removed, long hair tied back and female judoka should wear a short-sleeved tee shirt under their jacket.
  • All Gi's should be clean and free from blood stains. Gi's should also be in good repair.
  • Judoka should change into their Gi's in changing rooms and walk to the mat area in tabi or other type of inside shoe. Under no circumstances should any type of shoes be worn on the tatami.
  • Judoka must bow at the edge of the tatami before stepping onto it and obtain acknowledgement from the instructor before doing so if the class has started.
  • The Dojo is a special place and the peace, serenity and atmosphere must not be broken by loud or invasive behaviour. Shouting,horseplay, the use of mobile phones are examples and are not allowed.
  • All judoka must arrive in good time so they can be changed and ready prior to the start of the session.
  • Talking during the class is not allowed unless it is a question directly relating to the class or a technique being taught.
  • Students must not leave the mat area without the permission of the instructor.
  • At the conclusion of the session and after formal bowing has been completed judoka must bow prior to stepping off the tatami.
  • Judoka should turn and face the Dojo and bow when leaving.

Jita Kyoei - Mutual Benefit and Welfare.