Jita Kyoei Judo Club


Coach Profile

Drew Evans

Rank: 1st Dan Black Belt

Favourite Techniques (Tokui Waza): Double Lapel Tai O Toshi, Okuri eri Jime

Drew started Judo in the early 90s, working his way up to a senior 1st Dan (Black Belt) through dedication and perseverance. Drew has 20 years experience, including training with judo clubs in Okayama and selection for the NSW team to compete in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 Australian National Judo Titles and 2016 National Kata Championships. Always happy to work with other Judoka to improve and adjust techniques to suit them, along with a focus on technique a move towards coaching was inevitable. Drew now applies the same principles to coaching and instruction, and looks to find the best way for individual students to understand Judo.

The personal focus for Drew has moved away from competitive contest (Shiai) towards focusing on Kata study and demonstration. Along with Fellow jita kyoei coach Paul Sheean, the pair won the silver medal in the Nage No Kata division at the 2016 National Kata Championships. Drew is also a National C Level Referee.

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